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Eastern Transport Collection Society, Attleborough, Norfolk

Custodians of

LKH 341 (NAH 941) / LKD 229 (OVF 229) / LL 718 (KNG 718)

                        LS 789 (5789 AH) & RS 658 (KVF 658E)


                Pictured left:  Preserved former Eastern Counties 1954 Bristol LD5G Lodekka - LKD 229 (OVF 229)

East Anglia Transport Museum, Carlton Colville, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Custodians of

LL 408 (KAH 408) & LFL 57 (557 BNG)


Pictured left:  Preserved former Eastern Counties 1963 Bristol FL6G Lodekka - LFL 57 (557 BNG) 

Ipswich Transport Museum, Ipswich, Suffolk

Custodians of

LK 374 (KNG 374) / LL 574 (CVF 874) / PA 78 (DX 6591) / LL 407 (KAH 407)

D 973 (CAH 923) / LL 744 (MAH 744) / LS 829 (APW 829B)

& LFS 125 (GNG 125C)

Pictured left: Preserved former Eastern Counties 1964 Bristol MW6G coach - LS 829 (APW 829B)                 

Castle Point Transport Museum, Canvey Island, Essex

At present, no former Eastern Counties vehicles are kept here.

Pictured left: Preserved former Eastern National 1950 Bristol L6B Queen Mary bodied coach (PTW 110)

Pictured right: Preserved former Eastern National Bristol FLF6LX semi-automatic Lodekka coach (AVX 975G)

Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society, Lincoln, Lincs

At present, no former Eastern Counties vehicles are kept here.

Former custodian of

LKH 133 (HPW 133) Previously owned by David Gray.


                        Pictured left: Preserved former Eastern Counties 1949 Bristol K5G bus - LKH 133 (HPW 133)

Chelveston Bus Preservation Group, Rushden, Northants

(This group currently has no website)

Custodians of

LKH 108 (HPW 108) Owned by William Staniforth of Nailsworth, Gloucs.

& LE 699 (KNG 699) Owned by Tony Brown of Rushden, Northants. 

LL 408 (KAH 408) is presently stored here awaiting restoration work on behalf of the East Anglia Transport Museum, Lowestoft.

                                        (Pictured right: Semi restored former Eastern Counties 1950 Bristol L5G dual purpose saloon - LE 699 (KNG 699)

The Classic Buses Website

This excellent site contains a calendar of all bus related events taking place throughout the year in the UK.

Well worth a visit!


Norwich & Norfolk People Photo Project

An interesting FaceBook group which contains a section dedicated to Norfolk bus men and women.

Well worth a visit!

National Association Of Road Transport Museums

The National Association of Road Transport Museums (NARTM) is the representative body for organisations or individuals with collections of historic buses and coaches, goods vehicles and other large road vehicles who wish to make their collections accessible to the public. NARTM represents the large majority of UK road transport collections and now has nearly 100 members with more than 3000 historic vehicles in their collections.