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You are warmly invited to submit your memories of the old Eastern Counties Omnibus Company to the webmaster who will be delighted to add them to this website to enhance the site's interest and enjoyment for our visitors. 

Here you will find memories from former Eastern Counties Omnibus Company employees and passengers which have been submitted to the site.  

Most submissions are in .pdf format and can be easily viewed if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

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1.    Eastern Counties - Selected memories from May 1965 to December 1969 by Geoff Pullin (ECOC engineer). (7 page .pdf document)

2.    Richard Haughey recalls his conducting days in the 1970s with Eastern Counties in Cambridge. (12 page .pdf document)

3.    The Meldreth History Society website contains a page of memories of the 108 bus which ran from Cambridge to Royston.  (This link opens an external website, not a .pdf document)

4.    Long retired Norwich driver, Frank Crowe, celebrates his 90th birthday at the Norwich Classic Bus Running Day on Sunday 22nd March 2015. (1 page .pdf document)

5.    Alec Mitchell recalls his conducting days in 1969 and 1970 with Eastern Counties in Norwich. (8 page .pdf document)

6.    Winnie Cunnel Mackintosh - Redundancy Letter from Eastern Counties dispensing with her services as a conductor during WWII in order to re-employ former employees returning from the armed services. (This link opens an external website, not a .pdf document)  Click here to view a photograph of Winnie Cunnel Mackintosh as a conductor with ECOC.

7.     Driver, Ben Ford posing for a photograph with his conductor with P159 operating service 203 to Ipswich from Stradbroke.  (This link opens an external website, not a .pdf document)

8.     Driver, James (Jimmy) Saunders - Newspaper article recording his retirement in October 1978.  (This link opens an external website, not a .pdf document)

9.     Site visitor, Steve Satterthwaite recalls his memories of Eastern Counties and other bus and coach operators whilst he was at university in Cambridge in 1969 and 1970. (26 page .pdf document)

9a.  Link to sketch plan referred to in the above article. (1 page .pdf document)

10.   Site visitor, Roger Wolfe recalls childhood memories of the local bus scene in and around Girton, Cambridge in the 1940s. (2 page .pdf document)  This article originally appeared in the July 2020 edition of the Girton Parish Magazine.

10a.    An observation referring to this article submitted by site visitor Geoff Pullin (1 page .pdf document)

11.    Site visitor, Barry Walker recalls a memory from the Suffolk coastal resort of Felixstowe. (1 page .pdf document)

12.   Site visitor, Geoff Pullin shares his memories of 1960s fleet classification and numbering.

13.   Site visitors, Reg Bryant and Brian Moore recall their memories of the Sunday and Bank Holiday route 48 between Norwich and Hemsby Beach.

14.     Site visitor, Mike Goose recalls his memories of Eastern Counties from the early 1940s in a very interesting illustrated article entitled 'Memories of Eastern Counties - The Golden Years'.

15.   Site visitor, Stephen Bullock recalls his memories of Eastern Counties in and around Cambridge from the 1930s to the 1990s